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To A Story of life.....

On the stairway to heaven near route 66 Gypsy Dave might say so long Marianne or bye bye love or send the letter to Ruby Tuesday on a hard days night about the St James Infirmry. The tears of a clown are falling in love again over the rainbow for Johnny to be oh, so good but silence is golden even for a rolling stone with no direction home. The hotel California is open if you believe in miracles but don’t let me down or he’ll be asking where do you go to my lovely on the last train to Clarksville. He gets up every morning slaving for bread sir going to San Francisco where the lady is a tramp and asking buddy can you spare a dime cos I'm a Believer. 16 tons and what do you get but Peggy Sue? The lady is a tramp or so said Mr Tambourine Man who was knocking on heaven's door saying let's spend the night together. Oh boy, those were the days. I'll be there anyway that you want me, all day and all of the night. Meanwhile the Hotel California has gone down in the flood but you can meet me on the corner, rocket man. Something tells me we can rave on until Monday Monday for satisfaction all along the watchtower. Matthew and son don't want no milk today, they'll keep on running, stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea, river deep, mountain high. Just handle me with care they say, which is what Dave does when he's singing, not just these songs, oh no, but many, many more...
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